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we cant help everyone,but everyone can help someone

Okay so lets see whats been going on in life.......work school hang out with cassie yea that about covers my day to day life  pretty good lol ....ummm we went to the  club  last month and i dressed all girly that was fun no one saw it coming and when i say girly  i mean Girly dont believe me just look at the main picture..... it was alot of fun nay went with us and im pretty sure she  had a good time  dancing away  we were out  till really late but all was fun......beca is home for a couple weeks its the last time she will be home for awhile so weve been hanging out its fun i get lots of laughs from thoes times. She isnt the only one who came home eaither kelsi came home for like a day  so me her and beca went to the cubby hole the other ngiht and  just  hung out and laughed  alot majorly at beca cuz she she was being weird as hell  then yesterday after my one and only pointless class b4 spring break me jeremy and cassie came to my house had lunch with nanny and then off to the car wash and let me tell u its going to store cuz i washed my car, and vacumed it and everything!!!! same with cassie and jeremy its shocking what ya can do with nice weather then we went to auto zone and then to dunkin where cassie windows wouldnt work so we went to  kids and 2 hours later still not knowing what was wrong we go to leave and they decided to work  all because of a coil in the door  it was the cars way at getting back at cassies for hitting a big ass pot hole. then we went to dinner  at perkins  pretty good food  awsome service  and it accomplished another thing off my  things to  accomplish list then cassie dropped  me  back off at my house and went home because she started to not feel that good and then i went out with courtney and beca  cuz courtney is home too so yea we went to  dunkin to grab caffine for me i almost ran into a whore(extra crispy) so yea i backed up cuz i didnt  trust myself and then went out  said hi  to dory, chad, nick,steve alot of the cars were out  cuz it was nice so yea i was corrupting court and beca cuz they had never  been to dunkin at night  so niieve lol  but  hmmm i think thats all thats goind on other then cassies birthday coming up were going to the city  and have fun but i think thats about it for now so adios!
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