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Everyday an Angel touches your life...

Okay so I am in a writing mood I dont know why but I am so lets see where it takes us...

Lets see where to begin.... Lets begin on friday thats when the writing  mood started.  Schools been going okay but  friday my 11:00 teacher cancelled class  because he had a meeting to go to so I was free from 10-3 so cassie asked me if I wanted to take a ride with her to the cemetary I said okay and off we went...We kinda got side tracked and ended up going to  another cemetary b4 the one we were actually heading too. We ended up going to the poughkeepsie  rural cemetary first  and I remembered that my friend melissa was buried there I had not been to where she was buried after she died because  neither of my parents would bring me  and  once I started to drive I could bring myself to drive there  I couldnt do it  alone so yea after we went to where cassies grandparents were we went in search of where my friend melissa was. I kinda knew where she was  I was only one section off from where she is.

      Its been five years  since she died I didnt think it had been that long it doesnt feel like that long at all..... I still think about her .She was one of thoes angels that touch peoples life  for the better . Its weird though because I think all these years I really didnt believe she had died I had dis- belief  but after being there I relized she really was gone and it hurt all over again like the day I found out she had passed away.  I really do miss her I miss the little things about her. Her personallity  she never  judged anyone  for there looks or  how they acted she loved everyone. In the little time I had as her friend I learned a great deal form her.

    I learned  not to give up when things get bad. To never judge someone  by  whats on the outside  Most of all just love the life your given and live it for yourself and for thoughs who have  left  us too soon.... Im thinnking that after  I  can catch up with my emotions I may like to go back and bring a new bear  to her she may like that I think  but I will have  to ask cassie cuz  I cant bring myself to drive there so we shall see...

 On to different things.... Friday night me and cassie went to see brokeback mountain all iwill say is I hate  how  narrow minded and hompphobic people really are  I willl say it was a really good movie and i suggest everyone reagrdless of sexual oreintation and  age go see it....I t was nice being able to go see a movie with cassie a perfect date if you will

 Last night  thought me and jeremy went to play pool to kill time  till cassie got off work I  wont 4 games to his 3  so i  kicked his ass :) only problem was my waitress (not cassie) was a complete asshole she ignored her customers  to just stand arond looking stupid i felt like smacking her cuz  all you see is cassie busting her ass while  monika or however its spelled did nothing whats wrong with this picture???? so yea we  were going to try to go to the wave last night if cassie got out early enough but yea didnt happen cuz she didnt get out until almost 2 so instead  we went and got food with sara scott and danielle lots of laughs at that table I would tell you all the laughs but  they shall remain at that table.

  I will tell you this though the bitch who took my job at K&D now works there I was pissed to see her and the looks she kept giving us and the look she  gave  to cassie as we were leaving  is the kinda look thats going to get her ass kicked  how ill love that especially if im there to watch or participate  I hated her in school and i hate her more now 

My uncle aunt and my cousin and his girlfriend all stopped by today i as a surprise which rocked cuz i havent seen them in awhile cuz they live upstate but they were   going home from my cousin lacey house and decided to stop by   it was good seeing them today it made  it a good day  i didnt want to go to work  though so i was like 20 mins late lol.

I am excited about something i think pretty big ....my family got an invite to my twins cousin birthday party  i know you all like yea who cares and all but the big thing  that makes it exciting is  cassie was invited its the first family function that  will happe n and having her reconized as my fiancee  rather then my gf they are accepting us  and it  make me really happy  and im glad my cousin kristen is more mature then my cousin keely so yea hope its a good thing  i think it will be and im totally excited to see how it goes....

Thats all for now  though cuz im not going to get into work it sucks as always school is okay though math xl wont download to my comp right  which is pissing me off   and my history class is bullshit but other then that life is good i have decided what im going to do for all of my plans for holidays and special events with cassie so yea....

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