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Fun Fun

Okay so this is my tattoo its not the  best  pic but its  the best I got at the moment the  thing thats fuzzy in the tummy is 2 female symbols  linked together  and i have my friends initials  because she initally  designed it. but anyway that was for my friend who hadnt got to see it yet........

But anyway on to  the past couple saturday I have gone to the wave with my fiancee and had TONS of fun  first time i wore  comfy  but still hott looking cloths I think then last night I decided femm was the look and  shocked tabatha  omg I have a body!  Lol I danced  again surprising cuz usually you have to force me too but  when im with cassie I dont have to....I just start to move yea im not the greatest but there is no one way to dance  thats what I think......... what else is going on  not much I wanna talk about  except im fucking  so happy  im glad I found  my one true love and that im going to spend forever with her......

If anyone can think of anything else that needs to  be said well leave me a comment  and I will write about it but for now im out

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