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okay so hello to everyone how  was everyones halloween? Mine  was pretty good except for one minor thing.....I WAS IN A DRESS! thats right  kayla was dressed as a prom queen sash crown and a long haired wig and  all did i minetion the heels?  other then that the night was awsome  shocked alot of people  with  it  but it seemed to me my girlfriend liked it alot heheheh she was my  prom king  and god  she looked all  hott and shit  as  a pimpin king lol  there are pictures but  yea no one will ever see them  cuz its black mail  but anyway  my brothers costume was interesting the shitty thing is we didnt get any pictures of him   you would laugh  if u saw the  outfit it was deff out there in idea....alot of  people thought my  wig was real  it was pretty funny. Then  after the  night is over me and cassie some  had time to ourselves  and i loved it it was the best  part of the  night  i didnt want her to leave  and i knew she had to but  its a good thing because  when i see her today  i know that i will be  so happy to see her  like there was no time apart thats what makes us  stronger together and  its why we  dont have the need to  be with  other people   we dont need to  see toehrs or do anything with others  were happy together   we know how to treat each other  and  respect one another  thoes are qualities of a  strong couple if u have to see other people or wonder then there is no trust because u wonder what the other is doing i dont have to so i guess i have it all happiness and trust and  one day i will be able to hold her  at ngiht while we sleep  and wake up with her i may not have it now but once i get  to i will never  have to wish again and i will treasure it just like i treasure it  now when i get to  yes im rambling but i understand what my thoughts are and how i feel   and thats all that matters

all anyone needs to understand is:

I love her, im whole when im with her, and i plan to spent  my life with her 

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