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5 Months and Swedish Fish

Okay so I am updating  my  journal once again so that  every can catch up on  my life (sarah) ... So lately I have been working  like a fuking feen trying to   get enough money to  get  the thing i want to  for cassie for christmas I cant say what it is  cause she reads this but its something big  and i hope  she likes it. 

I really  love her with everything I am  she makes me feel  like a complete person do you know that feeling where one person completes you and your so happy so that  where ur apart  u miss them and cant wait to see them and then where u finally see them you  are so happy  you want to burst? Im like that I wake up missing here go all day  like that and when i see her its like  i wasnt seperated from her and im happy  i love being with her holding her hand or wrapping my arms around her  we dont even have to talk and im happy. 

Monday was our  5 months I cant believe  we ahve been together that long alot of people think its longer but its  not but It feels like i have known her forever  Im so happy days fly by anymore  but anyway  when I saw her  monday night  at our fav place (DUNKIN)  i was  tired from work cuz i was woking with the asshole named jonas  but  i was happy to be there with  cassie kid and katrina and  i brought swedish fish for cassie and learned they are a serious addiction like me and smarties but   cassie and katrina spent way too much time together   and were  going off on inside stuff i found it funny . Katrina lightened her load  in the pocket  of er sweatshirt and  gave  cassie 2 boxes  which she put infront of me. they were for our  aniversary one was a  gold eyebrow ring let me tell u that was god sent  cuz  its  shinny and im not allergic to it yay! and then in the other  box was a shinny ring with a heart  shaped stone its   relly  pretty and i love it  but i wont  wear it on my ring because i broke my last ring but im going to get it fixed but id feel safer with it on my necklace  cuz  then its next to my heart...

Halloween is just around the corner I have to dress so femmy  in a dress and wig and get my nils done oh god help me the funny thing is cassie is dressing as a guy  there will be pictures but  if i can help it no onw is going to see them thats total blackmail! if you want to see them then be there to see it in person  thats all i got to say  lol thought i think  cassie will disagree with that.

My cousin should be coming home soon from iraq it will be a good thanksgiving when he does. I dont know what else to say im missing alot of things im sure but hey im only one person so  ill write more soon  leave some love if u read this

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