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Kayla, now that she's found her fucking "soulmate", she doesn't even care that I exist.  She doesn't chill with me.  She doesn't call me.  She doens't even TRY to hang out or include me anymore.  So whatever.  I've tried.  I give up on her.
   You give up on me really well news  flash I gave up on you a long ass time ago and now that you have totally pissed me off I will tell you why....
I gave up on you  because you  dont care about anyone but yourself everything has to be about you and if it isnt u bitch and complain Im sick of  that and all the bull shit  that you  bring to my life  I tried to be a friend  but when u constantly walk all over me and others like nitta well u fucking dont deserve friends  how you talk about us  walking all over u is bull shit we cant even get a word in edge wise  about shit actually effecting our adult lives. When you have graduated high school  and have a job then u can bitch but  until u act like an adult u will not be treated as one.....You have petty bullshit and I refuse to let you  bring  me down complaining about it and i refuse to let u get in between  me and cassie  its simple  u will not get sympathy  and u will not walk all over me or make me feel bad for being happy so kiss my fucking ass im done!
I have people who need me that deserve  for me to care about them because they are there when i need them you havent been  one of them .....So have a nice life
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