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Woot For Denny's

OKay so I cried hyseterically the last day of school  it was horrible i was weeping but doing okay untill christine went and said ITS THE END! and  i broke down and  cried and couldnt stop it was horrible  I had to go to Ciani's to regain myself only to cry again  at the end of 8 period ...But to make a  bad day better my girlfriend decided to play animal saver...

Hence why I had a baby hawk on my  lap in the car  she found him on the side of the road because the hawks mother kicked it out of the nest and it got a  concussion thats why it let  her touch it   she got it to a  lady who takes care of  injured birds after  i got to work and let me tell you it is s0o0o0o0o0o cute maybe ill put a pic up soon ......

Onto yet another subject  I have officially accomplished another thing on my  to do lis  so now I have been on a picnic and also to Dennys  because I have never been there till last night and they have really yummy food....Of course I accomplished  both these things with cassie and I loved doing both I love being with her I hate   having to leave after hanging  out were never together enough ahhhhh!....... 

I met some of Cassie's friends I felt important because she said that none of her exe's ever meet them  it makes me  feel totally special ......She makes me feel so good  and everything is right.......I couldnt bare leaving her last night my curfew was 12 I was home but stayed outside till 3am  in her car with her  it was fun  I could have slept  there and not thought twice about it  just as long as she was there too ......I really love her like wow  I bought her a celtic love knot ring to symbolize the love I have for her becuase it will never break .....

Im off now  to  update my blogs on myspace  LATER!

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