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Okay so im sitting in Demares and eating a wrap its pretty good  for a school wrap  it was kinda expensive but oh well its one of my last school lunches ::hypervenalates::  I am really scared about graduating I dont wanna I decided I wanna stay a high school student only because I hate change.  Not to mention the closer graduation gets the sadder I get  because my grandfather isnt here  to see me gradauate and he was one of the people i struggled so hard to gradaute for yea i worked for me but I wanted to show him I could do it he  had always been a  fighting force for me  so I have been struggling  with all of that  lately and wed. I was  in Casie car with her  and we let these two guys on harleys  out in front of us  andI was watching them and  one of the guys looked so much like my grandfather it  just hit me and I ended up crying out of no where I really miss him and they havent put his headstone in and it makes me mad  Idk im in a weird mood about all of that so onto something diff....

I hate work right nowhtye are going to work me to death because the girl im suppose to work with  hasnt showed hasnt called for 3 days  and we have no idea whats going on with her and it leaves all the work on me I close early because I cant  be there forver fucking cleaning bad enough i was there till 10 last night and shit didnt get done right and i feel bad for  cassie because she was the first person I called andshe had to hear me vent.....

I really love her she makes me feel totally content  and always makes me feel better when all i wanna do is scream . She was so good to me when I was crying so that after i felt like an asshole.

I really hate surprisesa and it seems everyone has one for me and its driving me insane cuz i dont do well  with  surprises.....

I miss my Tink!

I have to stop this is so rambled right now but i really felt like writing as i stuffed my face with food  chaio!

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