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PicNic Check!

Hey all  so its official i can take   something of my lest of things to do this summer.....

I went on my first picnic  ever! I t was so awsome  Cassie and me went to coldspring  and had a picnic by the river  it was so relaxing and beautiful down there  no one bothered us down there   it was like we were in our own little world  and  after we ate we cuddlled oh how i love doing that having her arms around me and mine  around her  it the greatest feeling ever  cuz all thats wrong  or bothering me goes away and its just me and her. so we had the  best time and  we plan to go back at some point and go in the little shops....

The next thing to be accomplished is to go to dennys cuz oh yea im deprived.....

I also went to cassie high school she went to with her  I want their school  cuz they got  so much color and i go to a school with white walls how plain!

I have sun burn really bad im as red  as my shirt and it hurts! but it will turn into a nice tan so its worth the pain but i wish  someone was here  to help me  but shit on it  cuz its on my back and  none of my family is here :(

I really love cassie  she makes me really happy everything thats  on my mind goes away if in with her   :) anyway time to stop rambling ill write more later peace! 


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