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People Talk the talk but Cant walk the walk

Okay so Im writing in my journal once again  and ya know what im really sick of people  running there mouth talking shit acting all big and bad but anit shit with out there girlfriend doing the dirty work for them Iwonder how it feels to talk shit about someone calling them crazy to someone they dont know and then finding out that the person they are talking to  knows the one they are talking about how does it feel to have ur foot shoved in ur mouth????? or starting with that same persons friends dont u know ur signing ur death wish when u do that u make lots of enemys????? I will laugh when ur girl aint around to do the work for u  if ur going to talk the talk u better be prepaired to walk the walk or get ur ass kicked.......

Onto other things did you know sex is great i did :) the best thing is no drugs have to make it fucking awsome for me and my baby i love pbeimg able to please her in so many ways and im happy that others couldnt it makes it special  for us andi know that were going to be together forever  like i planeed i fell for her long ago an im glad shes mine.....

Christmas is fast approching and i got alot of my stuff already (woot!)  im gettign more in the spirit and cant wait  i want penguins and have been banned from buying anything by tink and my mom damn them they  got smart for they kknow id buy them all mwahahahaha  one presant  i gave to myself though i got my ring fixed ....YAY!!!!!!

time to go to work  and hope i dont vcut my finger off  like the part already missing

IM OUT! leave some comment love if u read this

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