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Kicked Out

Okay so I havent  wrote much in the journal but  as some of you  know i was booted form my house  tuesday  police escort and all so right now im bouncing around tuesday i went camping and slept  with my arms around my girl all night  and vise versa  and  poor cassie had to deal with my random break downs  that  night but im doing better  im  so exausted because of everything but my mom finally is caving a little and i have the car with me now to cart my  stuff  and me to places i stay  and beaner is  nice enough to let  me use her comp and  washer and stuff  my friends are awsome

Its  just Idk  things are so0o0o screwy and screwy as they come but oh well ill survive i just didnt really  like riding in the cop car and shit  but i cant write it all id be here all day and i have alot to do....

Today is mine and cassie  one month yay! im going to surprise her with something but i cant say what because  she reads this sometimes so im  off if  ur special and have my number call  me and cheer me up and  to all ahs grads congrads!

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